We have to start now

Sue Hayman is a Shadow Minister on Housing, Communities and Local Government and on Environment, Food and Rural Affairs in the House of Lords.  In the summer of 2022 she rightly concluded that there needs to be greater emphasis on a consultation & engagement as a profession.  That’s why we’ve started ACEP.

“Our new government would do well to remind itself of a report from the Institute for Government which cited cases in the UK where poor public engagement caused delays, increased expense and led to inefficient outcomes.


Better engagement will not eliminate those gaps but it can narrow them, providing room for greater understanding and compromise, and allowing alternative proposals to come to the fore”

Our mission

  1. To raise standards of practice among those working in the industry through information, training, advice and networking of members;
  1. To help professionalise the sector by establishing a range of frameworks, qualifications, tools and methodologies;
  1. To represent and advance the fortunes of industry suppliers in the sector;
  1. To raise awareness of poor practices and educate those participating in public participation on their rights and the law;
  1. To develop appropriate research in the advance of sector knowledge.