Ensure your consultation is compliant...

…and earn the coveted ACEP Kite Mark

When you undertake consultation you know that someone is not going to like what you propose or the decision(s) you will make.
Sometimes people do more than oppose, they attempt legal action to stop you.
Your best protection is to undertake ACEP Compliance and earn the Kite Mark.

What is ACEP Compliance?

Consultation should be fair. For it to be fair you must undertake consultation in a manner that clearly shows your processes and decisions comply with legislation, statutory guidance and take account of common law. Common law: judgements from judicial reviews where the judiciary have given clear guidance of how consultation should have been conducted.

ACEP Compliance is a combination of planning, review and support to ensure you start on the right foot,  continue on the right path and cross the finish line in the clear. If you start and finish your consultation having  met the requirements you will be awarded the ACEP Kite Mark.

What are the benefits of ACEP Compliance?


When you work with ACEP Compliance you are managing risk in a more effective way. You are allocated a Professional level ACEP member who will help you plan lawful consultation and be available to advise you throughout. Top support!


  • Risk of challenge is reduced.
  • You have a Professional who will advocate on your behalf.
  • When challenges arise – you are well advised.
  • You can argue with detractors that you are following ACEP guidance. We have your back. Following  consultation, if detractors remain unconvinced we can mediate (additional service).

ACEP Compliance is based on actuality. It is not opinion of what is good/best practice or not. Want to know more? Contact us contact@acep.org.uk