At ACEP, we’re on a mission to ensure everyone’s experience with participation is positive.  It’s something we’ve been committed to since 2022

Who we are

We are a growing collection of members across many countries, and a wider community of business leaders, educators, practitioners and policy-makers all committed to our mission. Our agenda is to lead the industry through its ethical challenges, to support the people who work in the industry, and to make public consultation & engagement good for society.

What we do

At ACEP, we’re ensuring the journey of responsible decision making is positive for everyone, by raising standards of competence and conduct across the industry and tackling the ethical challenges we face along the way.  We are not about perfectionism but are about building capacity, education, networks and sharing practical solutions to common challenges.

Our Current Priorities

We’re working in the open to:- 

Unite the community of professionals – bring together people and organisations from all relevant disciplines to build a community for the advancement of the sector; growing membership is part of this.

Create helpful public standards – develop and publish adoptable professional and technical standards across a range of common consultation and engagement activities; this delivers accountability and drives value

Ingress on Net Zero engagement – thematic focus on the needs of engagement and consultation to support the transition to a sustainable future, through training, research and a ‘live labs’ approach to testing and implementing change.

Champion innovation – promote enabling tools and technologies as well as exploring ‘what works’, removing fear of the unknown by breaking down barriers and enabling better engagement and consultation.

Serve the public good – promote the profession and the public benefits in order to safeguard its reputation.

Giving back

“Not for profit” really isn’t very meaningful (many organisations just pay themselves big bucks!).  That’s why we have a simple pledge instead.  20% of any profits each year will be given back into grants for members to run collaborative engagement projects or invest in new technologies to make participation positive. Devolving funds for community activism is encouraged.

Our members’ code

The ACEP Code of Conduct serves as a unique and powerful endorsement of your integrity and as a code of ethics for consultation & engagement professionals. Observed by every ACEP member, it defines the characteristics we share as practitioners serious about building a responsible profession