A researcher at University of Bath has worked with two lived experience facilitators to form a Parental Insights Group. The Group will be set up and led by the facilitators (with experience of co-production and public involvement) to help design a research project and funding application focusing on parents who find parenting and emotions challenging, and what may help to support and improve welfare and wellbeing of both parents and children. They will work with individuals, who do not need to have any experience of research, to develop a safe environment and process that feels comfortable for everyone involved in this type of sensitive research.


The team are looking for 6 people who can identify with one or more of the following to develop their research questions and design meaningful research:

  • A parent (of any gender) of children up to 18 years who finds emotions challenging at times (it could be in the form of anxiety, depression, impulsivity, aggression or any other difficulties)
  • Experienced an emotionally difficult (or abusive*) family environment in childhood
  • Your emotional needs were well supported in childhood*

*Abuse could include any of: emotional abuse (such as insulting and belittling), physical abuse, domestic violence or sexual abuse. It can also be a lack of emotional support, love, care, and attention, which is called neglect. For more information, visit NSPCC.


Time/ activities/ where and when these will take place if you have confirmed dates

The commitment is as follows – a choice of dates and times are available in the interest form.

  • 1:1 informal chat (15-20 mins) to develop our group safely.
  • Participate in two 1.5-hour online (Zoom) meetings in July 2024.
  • A little reading before each session – about 30 minutes.


The meetings will be on-line but we will initially have an informal chat to help develop the group safely and ensure we can adapt to make the sessions or ways to contribute to the research comfortable and accessible for all. We will provide accessible easy read documents. Our lived experience facilitators are experienced in co-production and will be using these approaches in conducting the sessions in a trauma-informed way. We are offering payment and an optional internet fee per session. A selection of proposed dates to hold sessions are included in the questionnaire.


Closing date to apply: 25th June 2024


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