Abigail Moses, a Disabled PhD student from Durham University, is doing a research study on what skills disabled people have. Abigail developed skills from being a walking stick user and encountering problems like inaccessible buildings, lack of support at work, and negative perceptions from non-disabled people. The project is in collaboration with Difference Northeast and aims to show disabled skills in a positive light and challenge misconceptions about what disabled people can or cannot do.

They are looking for:

People aged over 18 years old and who identify as having a disability/impairment.

Expected commitment from participants:

The study involves one online interview with Abigail, which will take place on a Zoom call. The interview will be a maximum of 90 minutes, and you can take breaks or leave at any time.

Commitment to inclusion:

The interview will be on Zoom, meaning no travelling to a physical location. The interview can be paused at any time for rest breaks. Questions can be repeated or rephrased in any way that is helpful, to aid understanding. The documents are also available in an easy-read format and can be read to you/explained on the zoom call. The timeslot for interviews is flexible, depending on individual preference.

Closing date to apply: 1st December 2023

If you apply for this opportunity please let the organiser know you saw it advertised by Shaping Our Lives. Thank you!

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