My name is Ed Kiely (they/them) and I am a postdoctoral researcher at Queen Mary University of London. I am leading a research project that is trying to understand how sectioning creates social inequalities, and the ways it harms survivors. (Sectioning means being detained under the Mental Health Act.) I am conducting research in London (UK) and Amsterdam (Netherlands).

The project is open-ended and flexible. The main goal is to produce research that will further the aims of survivors and those who have been harmed through sectioning. To do this, I want to create a steering group of people who have been sectioned under the Mental Health Act.

The steering group will meet every three months to make key decisions about the research. For instance, who should be involved? Which places should I go to? What should I look for when I am there?

The steering group is important because I have never been sectioned myself. However, I have used mental health services, and transgender care services, in the UK and the Netherlands, and this experience informs my research.

They are looking for:

This opportunity is open to anybody who has ever been sectioned under the Mental Health Act. It does not matter which section you were held under. This includes being detained by the police.

I am particularly keen to hear from Black people, people from an ethnic minority background, LGBTQ+ people, and neurodivergent people. (One person may belong to many of these groups.)

You do not need to share any of your experiences with me or anybody else to take part. I will not ask you any questions about them, and you can choose what you want to disclose to me.

Expected commitment from participants:

The steering group will meet every 3 months, online. Each meeting will last around three hours, with breaks. We will use discussions and participatory research exercises to reach decisions about the project.

Dates and times will be set by the steering group members. You do not have to attend every meeting to take part.

Commitment to inclusion:

Participants will be invited to share access needs and I will make accommodations and reasonable adjustments as necessary. Dates and times will be flexible and set according to members’ needs. Translation needs will be met. Documents will be produced in accessible formats according to members’ needs. I will pay for members’ time, including preparation time, at NIHR participation rates (£25/hr). Expenses will also be covered.

Closing date: 1st May 2024


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