Shaping Our Lives and the London School of Economics (LSE) are looking for people to take part in online workshops to support the first stage of a research study about the Three Conversations (3Cs) approach to social care. 

Usually, when you need social care, you’ll have to go through a formal assessment process with a social or health care worker. The 3Cs model is an alternative approach to the formal assessment process. This new approach focuses on conversations to find out what really matters to people and families and what support they might need. 

Read more about the 3Cs approach 

Who can take part? 

  • Right now we’re particularly looking for six carers (informal – family and loved ones) of people who use social care services.  
  • There are no other criteria, but we are keen to hear from people with a range of backgrounds and experiences (age, location, gender, ethnic background, sexuality etc.)  

Timing and location 

  • Carer/family member workshop: Monday 13th March 2023, 2-4pm   

The workshop will be held online on Zoom.  

What will this opportunity involve? 

Each workshop will focus on exploring a theory of change that has been developed around the 3Cs model. A theory of change describes why a particular way of working will be effective. It shows how change will happen in the short, medium, and long term to achieve an intended impact. People will be invited to share their experiences of formal social care assessment processes and to give their thoughts on the Three Conversations approach. An explanation of the approach will be provided before the workshop.  

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