A Trainee Clinical Psychologist, Alison Byrne, at the University of East London is carrying out a doctoral research project. She is hoping to speak to relatives and carers of people who experience ‘psychosis’, about their views on restrictive practices on inpatient wards.

Restrictive practice is unfortunately common on inpatient wards, and can include restraint, seclusion, forced medication, or deprivations of liberty like reduced access to phones and outside space.

Carers can often play a vital role in supporting someone experiencing ‘psychosis’, particularly during inpatient admissions, yet they are often left out of important conversations. This study aims to include carers’ and relatives’ voices in ongoing debates around restrictive practice for people with psychosis.

They are looking for:

Alison is hoping to recruit people who are:

  • Over 18 years old
  • A relative or other carer (including friends) of someone who experiences ‘psychosis’ (e.g. delusions, hallucinations and other unusual experiences; a formal diagnosis is not necessary)
  • Your loved one has had at least one admission on a UK inpatient ward relating to those experiences

Expected commitment:

Participation would involve an online interview via Teams, lasting about an hour. As this is a sensitive topic and can be difficult to talk about, please know that this is intended as a safe, non-judgmental space for you to speak freely, and you only need to share what you are comfortable with. You can take a break or stop the interview at any time.

Commitment to inclusion:

All interviews are remote, allowing accessibility for people anywhere in the UK to take part without needing to travel. If participants cannot access Teams, the interview can take place via phone instead. Participant Information Sheets are written using lay language, however can be adjusted/adapted based on individual access needs e.g. large print, easy read.

Closing date: 13th May 2024

If you apply for this opportunity please let the organisers know you saw it advertised by Shaping Our Lives. Thank you!

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