This is a scoping project funded by the Care Policy and Evaluation Centre at the London School of Economics and Political Science. They are trying to gain initial information about social media for social care including an understanding of how people use social media in relation to social care services, caring, or working in social care so they can then apply for larger research grants to investigate this topic further.

Their hope is  that collecting information about social media use in social care will help researchers collect new useful data about social care in the future which will allow services to be improved, carers to be better supported and the information available online to be of better quality and posted in the right places.


The team is looking for:

  • People who use social care or people who work in social care AND
  • People who use social media to do with social care (e.g., to get information/support from social media or post about their experiences on social media)

As part of our research, they want to speak to people who:

  • Use adult social care services such as people receiving home care, or people who live in a residential or nursing home
  • People who work in social care services (such as visiting home carers or people who work in care homes)

To take part you must use social media in relation to your involvement with social care.


This will help them understand how social media is used in social care. This should help them collect data which will allow services and support to be improved and for better information to be posted online about social care. The consultation focus group (about 60 minutes) will take place remotely using video-conferencing platforms (Microsoft Teams). With your permission, they will audio record the discussion.

Your information will be entirely confidential; only they will be able to see the information you provide. It will be analysed thematically alongside the information provided by other consultation group members. No-one taking part or any organisations or social media posts discussed will be identified in any reports or other outputs.

The focus groups are to be held on:

  • 13th of June 4-5pm for the ‘People who use care’ group
  • 18th June at 4-5pm for the ‘Care workers’ group

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