NHS England want to interview patients, families of patients, and carers of all ages and backgrounds, who use all kinds of NHS services, to help them understand more about how people choose to give feedback on their experiences of healthcare to help the NHS learn and improve, and what their expectations of doing that would be. NHSE would also like to know if you have ever reported a patient safety concern, and to learn more about that experience, and how you think it could be improved.

They are looking for:

NHSE are looking for a diverse representation of patients/service users and family members, especially those from seldom-heard-from groups, to carry out a 1-hour online user research interview in order to learn more about your experiences when providing feedback to the NHS, or how you think you would be able to go about that.

Expected commitment:

No preparation will be required prior to the 1 hour session, during which time they will ask you a serious of questions. It will be a conversation with no right or wrong answers. They will publish a final anonymised report. There is no further obligation to be involved beyond the interview.

Commitment to inclusion:

NHSE are keen to hear diverse experiences, from people of all ages, backgrounds, and experiences of healthcare. The sessions will be carried out online in order to ensure NHSE can reach people across the country. They are flexible with scheduling and aim to find a time that works for you. They will make reasonable adjustments to ensure people with different needs are included – if you think you will need these, please let NHSE know when you contact them.

Closing date: 25th August 2023

If you apply for this opportunity please let the organisers know that you saw it advertised by Shaping Our Lives. Thank you!

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