NSUN (the National Survivor User Network) is supporting a research project exploring experiences of how menstrual health needs are met, or not met, for people in psychiatric inpatient settings. The aim of this study is to develop understanding of people’s experiences of menstrual health whilst in psychiatric inpatient settings and co-develop guidance to address barriers.

The initial phase of this research is two online questionnaires for people (18+) with lived experience of menstrual health and psychiatric inpatient settings in England within the last five years and for members of staff who work in these settings. You are welcome to complete both questionnaires if you meet both criteria.

These questionnaires should take approximately 15-30 minutes to complete.

Following these initial questionnaires, we will be recruiting for interviews and finally a focus group.

Word document versions of the questionnaires are available via this link, and if you require an alternative format of the questionnaire for example needing the information translated, please contact us to arrange this. You can contact Hattie at menstrualhealth23@gmail.com or NSUN at info@nsun.org.uk or you can use an anonymous question platform here, entering the code 11522.

The questionnaire will be open until 21:00 on 28th April 2023.

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