How can Local Authority Adult Social Care better support women experiencing coercive control in domestic abusive relationships when they are undertaking safeguarding enquiries?

Lucy is working on her PhD proposal. She a senior social worker with experience of working in adult safeguarding. She is also currently undertaking a pre-Doctoral Fellowship with King’s College London. It is being funded by the National Institute of Health and Care Research (NIHR). Lucy wants to consult with people with lived experience and/or survivors of domestic abuse/violence.

Lucy’s area of interest is in ‘coercive’ control in relation to domestic violence/abuse in personal relationships. The UK government describes personal relationships to include immediate biological family, stepfamily and extended family of an individual including such as family members of their present or former spouse, civil partner, or cohabiting partner. These relatives do not necessarily have to be living in the same household for domestic violence/abuse to take place.

 They are looking for:

Lucy is currently consulting with people with lived experience of adult safeguarding and/or domestic violence/abuse for their views and voices.

Lucy is seeking to consult with domestic abuse survivors who have experience of seeking help from a range of public services (including, Local Authorities, Police, GPs etc) to get their perspectives on how she should research on how local authority adult social care can improve and better support victims of domestic violence/abuse.

Lucy will be asking you about her proposed study, she will not be asking you to divulge details of your own personal experiences.

Time commitment:

It will be a virtual meeting held via Microsoft Teams at an agreed time that is most convenient for participants. It will be expected to last about 60mins.

Commitment to inclusion:

For people who don’t have access to internet, other options can be explored, like meeting up in a café or local library that is most convenient to them or booking a wheelchair friendly taxi to and from the destination.

Please do not to hesitate contact Lucy if you need to explore options/possible ways to overcome any barriers that may prevent you from participating.

Please contact Lucy by 31st May 2023 if you would like to support her PhD proposal.


If you apply for this opportunity please let the organisers know that you saw it advertised by Shaping Our Lives. Thank you!

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