The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence are looking for someone to join their interventional procedures committee.

As a lay member, you will have this experience and understanding:

  • through personal experience you have of treatment and care provided for you by the NHS
  • as a relative or unpaid carer of someone who has used relevant health services
  • as an advocate, volunteer, or officer of a relevant voluntary organisation or support group.

You will also have:

  • good communication and team-working skills
  • the ability to listen and take part in constructive debate, while being respectful of other people’s views
  • knowledge of the experiences and needs of lots of people which gives you the ability to champion a range of different perspectives in this area of NICE’s work.

The time commitment for this is 3 years.

Closing date: 5pm on Monday 3rd April 2023

If you apply to take part in this study please let the organisers know you saw it advertised by Shaping Our Lives. Thank you!

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