Have you taken part in evaluation activities? Do you have thoughts on how to make these activities fairer and more inclusive?

The Equitable Evaluation Collective is forming a working group to co-create a plan for making evaluation in the UK fairer and more inclusive. They are looking for people with experience of taking part in evaluation activities to join the group and would like your help!

They are looking for:

They want the working group to be made up of people with lived experience of taking part in evaluation activities carried out by organisations in the voluntary sector, such as charities and funders. Relevant experience includes:

  • Participating in evaluation activities. This could include taking part in an interview, focus group, questionnaire, or any other activity where information was collected with aim of judging the value or effectiveness of a service, programme, project, or product.
  • Participation as a lived experience contributor or expert by experience in an evaluation committee, steering group, advisory panel, or other group.

They are particularly interested in hearing from people with first-hand experience of being negatively impacted or disadvantaged by evaluation practices. For example, this could include activities that felt unfair, disrespectful, disempowering, insensitive, re-traumatising, or difficult to access.

They’re keen to hear from men, non-binary people, transgender people, disabled people, and people without a university qualification as these characteristics are underrepresented in the team, and from people of colour as they know this group is underrepresented in the charity and evaluation workforce.

Expected commitment from participants:

The time commitment for group members will be 7 hours from September 2023 – February 2024. Group members will:

  • Share and discuss ideas with other group members at online workshops. You will be paid £50 per hour for your time.

Commitment to inclusion:

If successful in your application, they will ask about your availability, accessibility needs, and any communication preferences and work with you to accommodate these.

Full details about the opportunity can be found in this information sheet.

Closing date: 11th September 2023

If you apply for this opportunity please let the organisers know that you saw it advertised through Shaping Our Lives. Thank you!

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