They are a master’s student at University College London, conducting a piece of research as part of their final dissertation project. This is a qualitative study, investigating the experiences of young adults during mental health assessments in mental health services across the UK. Although mental health assessments appear to be an important part in getting access to mental health services, very little research has been done people’s experiences, especially that of young adults’, during those assessment. This study will involve 30-60-minute long 1-to-1 online interviews with people who have had experiences being assessed by a mental health service, exploring their experiences before, during and after the assessment. Primarily, they would like to understand people’s experiences during mental health assessments better to fill a gap in the literature. Hopefully, this study will be publishable in a peer-reviewed journal as well.


What you are looking for:

People between the ages of 18 and 26 who have had a mental health assessment within a mental health service in the UK within the last 18 months are welcome to participate. We encourage people from all walks of life and different backgrounds to join to ensure that a diverse range of voices will be heard.


Expected commitment from participants:

Participants will be required to attend a 30-60-minute-long online interview. The interview can be arranged for a time that best suits you. Other than this one-time interview, there will be no further commitments.


Commitment to inclusion:

They are committed to provide interview dates and times that suit potential participants best. Although interviews are scheduled to be primarily happening on Microsoft Teams, face-to-face interviews within London can be arranged depending on researcher availability. During online interviews, participants are not required to turn on their webcam and may also type out answers if they do not feel comfortable or are not able to say things. If they have any further reservations, concerns, or needs, they are welcome to share these with the primary researcher so bespoke adjustments can be arranged.


Closing date to apply: 30th June 2024


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