A team of researchers are working with the McPin Foundation on a brand new research proposal about the relationship between HIV and depression.

People living with HIV are at much greater risk of depression. HIV leads to inflammation, and depressive symptoms have been linked to inflammation in the general population. This study will investigate the inflammation in young people living with HIV in South Africa and the UK, to see whether it can help identify whether young people who are at risk of developing depression. This could help young people with HIV to get the right treatment for depression and at the right time in the future.

They are looking for:

They are looking for two young people aged  16-28 who are living with HIV to read a summary of the proposal and share their thoughts. You will be asked to read a maximum of two pages and answer some focused questions about the proposal. They want to know if the research plans are appropriate, relevant and meaningful for people living with HIV. In particular, they want to know whether there is anything they should be doing differently to ensure the research is suitable for young people with this lived experience. They will also be approaching young people with lived experience of depression to get their thoughts, and they welcome those with lived experience of both.

You will:

  • be based in the UK
  • be aged 16-30
  • be living with HIV
  • have lived experience of depression (desired but not essential)

Expected commitment:

To receive a 2 page summary of the proposal and share your thoughts by answering the questions by Monday 7th August 9am

Commitment to inclusion:

You will be offered a maximum payment of £25 for reading the summary and answering the questions (one hour’s work)

Should you have any questions or require support, you can contact Rachel (details below)

Closing date: 4th August 2023, 9am

If you apply for this opportunity please let the organisers know you saw it advertised by Shaping Our Lives. Thank you!

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