Deadline 30th June 2023

This work is being carried out by Revealing Reality and Transport for London to improve London’s transport network for everyone.

They hope that by speaking to a range of individuals with a variety of an accessibility needs we can improve the way everyone travels.

They have a set number of spaces on the panel so have created this short questionnaire to learn a little more about you, before one of their researchers gets in touch!

If you live in Greater London and would like to take part, please sign up.

Any personal details you share in this form and in the project will not be shared beyond the Revealing Reality team and that any information you do give will be anonymised (by anonymised we mean the removal of any personally identifying information which means the research data could be linked back to you such as your name, address and contact details.) Please get in touch if you do have any questions about this.

They are looking for:

If you live in London with accessibility needs (mobility, toileting, information, navigation, rest, or environmental needs) they would like to hear your views. Also, they would love to hear from people who do use public transport and those who don’t use public transport.

Expected commitment from participants:

Participants will need to complete a form to see if they are eligible. If they are eligible, they will be invited to complete 9 surveys over a period a year.

Commitment to inclusion:

They are flexible. They are happy to contact you via email, text, telephone, and by Zoom/Team (with captions). If you need other requirements, please feel free to let us know and they will do our best to meet them.

Deadline to apply: 30th June 2023

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