The McPin Foundation and the University of Edinburgh are teaming up to find out more about sleep problems and the link to mental health.

Many people have experienced sleep problems in their lifetime, including people with mental health issues. These sleep problems can happen when our circadian rhythms (our internal body clock) are disrupted. There currently is not a lot of research to explore the relationship between mental health issues, sleep and circadian rhythms.

This project will bring together experts (researchers, clinicians, service-users, young people) on sleep, circadian rhythms and mental health. They will form an exciting new research network. This network will be focused on building new partnerships, providing training for new researchers, and setting the scene for future research on sleep, mental health and circadian rhythms.

The McPin Foundation are forming a Lived Experience Advisory Panel (LEAP) for this project.

What’s the opportunity?

They are looking for 8 people (both young people and adults) with lived experience of mental health and sleep issues to join a new Lived Experience Advisory Panel (LEAP) for this project. The advisory group will provide vital input and advice throughout the course of this project, ensuring that the work is relevant, accessible and meaningful for the needs of the public, professionals and the research community.

The group will meet roughly four times a year throughout the course of the three year project online via zoom. There will also be some optional tasks to complete by email. There may also be the opportunity to join other projects related to sleep and mental health.

What’s required of me?

  • Must be based in the UK
  • Must be aged 16+
  • Must have lived experience of sleep difficulties and mental health issues
  • Must have access to a stable internet connection and camera (if you have any concerns about this, please get in touch as they do have funds which can assist with digital costs)

What will be provided?

Payment, support and resources that will be offered to young people for their involvement.

I’m interested! Who do I contact?

If you are interested in this opportunity, please email Rachel on with brief answers to the following questions and subject your email “Sleep advisory panel”:
What is your name?
What is your date of birth?
What is your ethnicity?
Please tell us in a paragraph: Why are you interested in this specific opportunity?
Please tell us in a paragraph details of any relevant experience of sleep and mental health issues.
Are there any other skills and experience you would like to tell us about?
Sometimes after talking about topics like mental health, people feel they need a little extra support or someone to chat to. What support do you currently have in place (e.g., supportive friends, family, health professionals or mental health charities)? Is there anything that McPin could do to support you or make your involvement experience better?
How did you hear about this opportunity?
You are welcome to send your responses in audio or video format if preferred! If you need any help completing your expression of interest, you can get in touch with Rachel.

What’s the deadline to apply?
Monday, 20th February 9am


If you apply for this opportunity please let the organisers know that you saw it advertised by Shaping Our Lives. Thank you!

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