This is a new breast cancer research study funded by Cancer Research UK and led by researchers at Oxford University.  The study aims to answer important questions about ethnicity and breast cancer. The study will investigate:

  • Why women of African, Caribbean, Indian and Pakistani backgrounds are less likely to get breast cancer but more likely to have more aggressive forms of the disease when they do.
  • How different risk factors vary in women from different ethnic groups, and what influence they have on the risk of getting breast cancer and the type of breast cancer diagnosed.

The results will tell us how current breast cancer polices could be informed, and where more research might be needed.

For this new research they would like to invite 20 women with experience of breast cancer (can be as a patient or carer) to help shape how this new research is designed, delivered and disseminated.

Women who are involved in this group will help make sure that Cancer Research UK supports research that is grounded in the needs of patients and their communities. Group members will help us highlight the issues that are important to patients, carers and community members.

They are looking for:

They are inviting  women aged 25 years or older living in the UK who are from African, Caribbean, Indian and Pakistani backgrounds to join their group.

Expected commitment from participants:

Likely 1 in-person meeting (Oxford) and up to 1-2 online meetings. Each meeting would be 1-3 hours. Not mandatory to attend all meetings.


  • Take part in discussions that shape how the research is designed
  • Help to design ways of sharing information about the study to communities.
  • Co-design documents/resources to ensure information is clear and accessible.

Commitment to inclusion:

Expenses covered e.g. childcare costs, travel, accommodation. Some meetings will be via teleconference/hybrid. Support with translations and language support – part of the study is overcoming barriers such as these so we will be looking at possible solutions such as videos, translations, Easy Read versions.

If you apply for this opportunity please let the organisers know you found it via Shaping Our Lives. Thank you!

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