Adult social care services use what is referred to as Assistive Technology, or Technology Enabled Care, to help support older people to remain living independently in their own homes.

A University of Hertfordshire research team would like your views regarding one type of sensor technology that collects activity (lifestyle) data within a person’s home environment, designed to alert to a decline in a person’s wellbeing or an incident.

The research is specifically about attitudes towards any data being shared into adult social care (where appropriate and agreed to), in comparison to the existing practice of sharing data with trusted informal support (family or friends).

This will help inform adult social care services delivery of technology enabled care.

They are looking for:

Participants must be 65+ with current or previous experience of social care support.


Involvement is one private interview with a research team member for 60 – 90 minutes. This may be in person, at your home or in a public place, via a video call, or by telephone, as agreed between participant and the researcher.

A participant information sheet, and more information providing a simple explanation of the technology, and a case scenario of how it could potentially be used, can be provided on request to help you decide whether you wish to participate.

The technology and the case scenario will be provided and reviewed at the start of the interview to ensure a clear understanding of the technology and its potential application.

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