Trainee Clinical Psychologist at the University of Liverpool hoping to understand your experiences of therapy and how your ethnic identity impacted this through a short remote interview.

The findings of their research will inform public health services by providing a ‘voice’ for women from ethnic minority backgrounds in shaping culturally sensitive approaches to perinatal mental health in the UK.

They are looking for:

They are looking for women who:

  • Identify as being from any ethnic minority background (i.e., any ethnic group except from White British)
  • Have accessed any type of psychological therapy for postnatal depression
  • Are able to provide written informed consent to participate in the study
  • Able to understand and speak English
  • Are aged 18 or older

Expected commitment from participants:

Interviews will last up to one hour and will be done over videocall.

The interview time/date will be negotiated with the researcher, who will endeavour to make this convenient for the participant.

Participants will be reimbursed with a voucher for their time.

Commitment to inclusion:

Lots of flexibility on time, and participants reimbursed for taking part.

Closing date to apply: July 2024

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