Wales & West Utilities (WWU) are seeking to appoint a supplier that will provide the following services and related activities: .

  • Stakeholder identification and engagement. .
  • Booking of workshop venue. .
  • Hosting and facilitating stakeholder engagement workshops both physical and virtual. .
  • Collate, analyse and present output from engagement events.

Total Quantity or Scope

Stakeholder Engagement Overview Our stakeholders help shape the services we provide. We listen to and act on stakeholder feedback to make sure we continue to deliver outstanding levels of gas safety, reliability and customer service, while protecting the environment, so we’re trusted and valued by the millions of people we serve every day. Our stakeholder engagement objective We are a sustainable business, putting people and communities at the heart of what we do. By engaging in tailored ways, we identify our stakeholders wants and needs while maximising the value we add for our customers. The informed feedback we gather will result in clear and measurable actions that deliver the outcomes our stakeholders want and ultimately shape the way our business operates Guiding principles Our objective is supported by three high-level principles that inform how we approach our engagement. These principles consider those identified in the AA1000SES standard, as well as reflecting our own businesses values and approach to engaging with stakeholders. These principles are – Transparency – Consistently demonstrate that openness, honesty and accountability guide the organisations decisions and are embedded within initiatives and outputs. Inclusivity – Encourage a wide range of diverse customers and stakeholders to co-determine priority issues and engagements, as well as voice opinions on business initiatives Continuous improvement – Aiming to identify key stakeholder issues before they arise and proactively and effectively resolving them when they do; making the most of and acting on stakeholder opportunities and communicating all outcomes to stakeholders Our engagement planning process Our engagement is a continuous cycle with evidence from each piece of engagement feeding into the next. Scope We are committed to understanding the needs, wants, expectations and perceptions of the stakeholders (including customers and communities) that we serve and how we can effectively deliver services that are important to them and make a positive difference. We seek to involve stakeholders in the design of services and report back about how their insight has made a difference. Critical to this is genuine engagement with a range of stakeholders across the public, private and third sectors including representatives of the range of customers and communities we serve, suppliers, partners, Government and other utilities and to do this we would anticipate using a mixed method of both face to face and virtual workshops to inform our current and future decision-making over the next 3-5 years. Currently, the topics and frequency of the events are not specifically defined, but we would like to put in place a framework of service providers able to deliver the requirements as they arise. Potential service providers should have experience of event management and working with the utility sector along with a good understanding of how the energy industry and specifically the gas sector is structured. We want to engage with audiences primarily in the UK and most commonly with audiences in our geographical operating area of Wales and south west England. We also want to make sure we engage with stakeholders that are able to provide relevant, meaningful and authentic insight on given topics. The contract will be in place for an initial 2 years, with the option to extend for up to 36 months, in annual increments. Typical In Scope activities – This isn’t a complete / guaranteed…. • Decarbonisation of heat • Supporting customers in vulnerable situations • Environment • Whole energy systems • Workforce skills On average, we would run between 2 and 7 events per calender year but this is subject to change based on business requirements, and not a guarantee of volume. Out of scope activities There are certain events that will be out of scope for this framework, due to their specialist nature and will require specialist knowledge. For Example, Distributed Power, Biomethane, Disability or Webinars. Internal events such as depot openings are out of scope. WWU has a research framework in place and activities covered by that framework are also out of scope. Description of Services The Tenderer is asked to bid to deliver a variety of services associated with event management. This will include sourcing, inviting, and encouraging appropriate stakeholders to attend events, sourcing and booking venues where appropriate, managing databases, sourcing and managing a suitable platform(s) for / online events, facilitation, developing and refining presentations, discussion guides and an assortment of materials using our defined branding/house style, capturing feedback and notes and presenting these in a timely and easily digestible report following each event . In Wales, attendees should be provided with an opportunity to engage in Welsh. We are keen to listen to and learn from stakeholders and understand what is important to them and what will make the biggest difference. The workshops and webinars will provide our stakeholders with the opportunity to share their views and ideas on a range of issues and opportunities relating to our business activities. The service providers role will include the following:

1. Project management of running events from initial design and set up/recruitment of attendees to final reporting and evaluation including the provision of progress reports.

2. Source, recruit and engage appropriate stakeholders to actively participate in either face to face workshops or virtual sessions. Participants should be provided with the opportunity to communicate in Welsh or English.

3. Enhancement and maintenance of our current stakeholder database that will be compliant with GDPR regulations and is reviewed after each engagement activity to keep it up to date.

4. Source venues which are suitable and accessible including having access to good transport links for face-to-face workshops and for virtual engagement a platform that is accessible to all, providing technical support where required to help stakeholders to participate

5. The service provider will be required to provide any printout materials during face-to-face workshops or digital copies to be e-mailed to attendees at virtual events. All materials, discussion guides and interactive engagement activities must be approved by WWU ahead of use.

6. The service provider will capture the feedback and proceedings and produce an engaging report and presentation on the proceedings, recommendations, and evaluation responses. All individual responses must be anonymised.

7. From time to time, WWU may wish to survey/seek feedback from attendees on various topics specified and the service provider will manage the distribution, reminders and return of the surveys to meet deadlines.


1. Post event report to include as a minimum: a. Executive summary b. Methodology and profile of attendees (to include region, type of stakeholder and number of attendees) c. Report on discussion and feedback including anonymised quotes d. Results of any ‘polls’ conducted during the event e. Conclusions f. Recommendations g. Appendix with materials presented h. Event evaluation

2. Presentation of the post event report

3. If applicable, collated returned surveys (anonymised) Contract The contract will be a framework agreement, where any work below £20k will be direct awarded and any work above this value will follow the mini competition outlined in the contract. Payments to venues and all expenses associated with the delivery of this contract must be included in the overall price of each proposal.