SONI wishes to appoint an appropriately qualified and experienced consultancy firm to assist the business with landowner engagement duties associated with the securing of relevant land rights to facilitate the construction of new transmission assets on behalf of SONI and NIE Networks across Northern Ireland.

Total Quantity or Scope

As the electricity transmission system operator for Northern Ireland one of SONI’s key functions is to plan the development of the high voltage transmission network. Part of this entails achieving consents for new sections of the transmission network, both in terms of public consultation, planning approvals from the relevant local authorities and securing relevant land rights from persons with an interest in land (PILs) on behalf of Northern Ireland Electricity Networks Limited in its capacity as transmission asset owner (NIE Networks), who will enter onto lands to construct and thereafter own the infrastructure. SONI has the responsibility for securing relevant land rights (including wayleave agreements or options for easements and site acquisition ) and ensuring that any specific conditions or concerns raised by PILs and agreed with SONI are taken into account within the line design process and passed on to NIE Networks as appropriate. Additional information: The estimated value of 2.5 million pound is inclusive of the entire duration.

Renewal Options

This framework will be in place for 5 years with the option to extend annually for an additional 3 years