Professional development

Access the guidance, resources and support you need to continue growing your skills and your professional potential.

Choose from a wide selection of always-free, highly relevant eLearning courses or discounts on virtual and in-house course delivery

Take things at your own pace, get a virtual certificate and master something quickly.  Our courses cover a range of topics from digital engagement through to GDPR, stakeholder mapping and options development

We can deliver in-house and virtual training for your team, too!

What are the benefits of professional development?

Continuing professional development is the process of proactively keeping your skills on point and your knowledge up to date throughout your career. CPD incorporates a vast range of activities from reading or listening to podcasts, to networking at events or volunteering as a mentor.

In an industry as fast moving as ours, certification is vital. It not only helps you perform better in your current role, it allows you to grow your career potential. For today’s ambitious tech professionals, it’s the differentiator and one of the key reasons for becoming a ACEP member.

Where does it fit into my membership?

By signing up to the ACEP Code of Conduct, you make a formal commitment to undertaking professional development. It’s a broad church combining many methods and techniques so knowing where to start, let alone managing regular activity, can be overwhelming for even the most enthusiastic member. Fortunately at ACEP you’ll have a wealth of practical support and guidance to hand.

Our eLearning portal walks you through the different approaches you might take, helping you identify valuable sources of learning from within the ACEP ecosystem and beyond. 

How will it help my career?

Professional development is often regarded as a chore, a nice-to-have if only you had the time! In reality it’s probably something you already do without realising – at ACEP, you’ll have the tools and the steer to structure and align this activity more closely around the needs of your role and wider career goals. You’ll be able to recognise more relevant opportunities and effectively record and evaluate your learning. Far from being a chore, you’ll discover enjoyable experiences that fine tune your knowledge and competence, increase your value to the organisation and accelerate your career progression.

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