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Connect with a like-minded professional community to debate the latest ideas , share knowledge and develop your insight.

What are the benefits of community?

There are countless online groups and forums nowadays where you can chat to people , business and anything else! But how much weight do you give to the opinions of your virtual contacts? In the wild west of networking, separating the wise from the reckless is not always straightforward.

Nothing beats connecting with a community of talented tech people who you can guarantee have the same professional values and integrity as you. These are people you can learn from; who you can share knowledge and form professional bonds with; and whose support and guidance you can rely on.

Even better, paid members can compose their own content (public articles) to amplify their voices in our “consultation and engagement in practice” newsreel.  Similarly, they can post “wanted” opportunities.


Where does it fit into my membership?

It’s our community that makes ACEP membership so unique and valuable. We’re a diverse mix of technology professionals, business leaders, policy makers, educators and students, working together to build an ethical and accountable profession that’s fit to drive the information age.

It’s a noble mission and you get to play your part just by signing up. You also get to tap into this inclusive and vibrant collective from the off, whether you prefer online or in person, at the groups, branches and events that suit your interests and schedule.

How will it help my career?

You know what they say, it’s not what you know but who. While this may not always be the case, why would you leave it to chance? At ACEP you can seriously upsize your network. You’ll broaden your knowledge and your outlook, fuelled by the rich diversity of opinion you now have in your ear.

With the support of your ACEP colleagues, you can step outside your comfort zone, say ‘yes’ to the next speaking opportunity or mentoring role, knowing you’ll receive genuine encouragement and feedback to stretch you as an individual and spur you towards your career goals.

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