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  • SEPA has recently published its Corporate Plan for 2024-27 which sets out a clear direction for the Agency for the coming years. The plan is built around five strategic priorities that will help us to deliver our statutory purpose to “protect and improve Scotland’s environment in ways that as far as possible also create health and wellbeing benefits and sustainable economic growth”.
  • Scotland’s people rightly expect a lot from us. They expect us to provide strong leadership and to make a difference to their lives now and in the future. We can only live up to these expectations if we fully deliver on the plans we have made and can demonstrate tangible improvements for our environment and for our communities.
  • As a public sector organisation SEPA must work efficiently, effectively, and safely within a streamlined, agile corporate governance framework. This framework provides guidelines for decision-making processes, accountability and transparency.  It ensures compliance and assurance with legal obligations, public duties and expectations, including the key roles and responsibilities set out in the SEPA Framework Document.
  • The Insight and Engagement Manager will play a fundamental part in making this happen. The role will sit in the Consultation and Engagement Team, within the newly formed Governance, Performance & Engagement Portfolio.
  • Consultation, engagement, and insights are a key area of strategic focus for SEPA. Ensuring the in-house research skills and experience are in place is critical.  Consultation and engagement insights are an important area for SEPA going forwards. The responses drive legislative changes, policy reform and will significantly influence how we shape our regulatory approach and practice for the future.  This in turn has an important impact to inform our strategies and future versions of our Corporate Plan and Annual Operating Plan.  Consultation and public perception insights are, amongst others, a foundational element of our future Outcomes focused performance framework which provides improvement and assurance on SEPA’s performance to Scottish Government, SEPA Board and more widely across the public sector.

The role will have overall responsibility for:

Leading and managing an organisational transformation in how SEPA manages and reports its consultation, insights and engagement and acts upon the results.

  • The approach to consultation, insights and engagement must ensure that the organisation is best prepared and equipped to deliver our strategic priorities, to maximise SEPA’s contribution to the National Performance Framework and to be consistent with the requirements of the SEPA/SG Framework Agreement and other leading practice.

Leading the development, implementation, embedding and management over the long term of a new and transformative Consultation and Engagement Framework for SEPA. Including:

  • Collaboration across SEPA and, where appropriate, with partners to develop engaging consultation and engagement approaches.
  • Designing a framework for effective Consultation and Engagement along with a best practice and evidence led approach to share robust insights.
  • Engaging and involving SEPA Board, CLT and the Scottish Government in the development.
  • Embedding the approved Consultation and Engagement Framework into the operation of the whole business, including procedures for information and evidence gathering and reporting insights.
  • Developing dashboards for simple “live” reporting of insights.

Provide overall leadership on consultation, engagement and insights for SEPA, including overviewing and reporting on progress in delivering priorities, milestones and actions in the Corporate Plan and the Annual Operating Plans to CLT, Board, Audit and Risk Committee and the Scottish Government. Including:

  • Leading delivery of SEPA’s consultation, engagement and insights in line with priorities, objectives and outcomes agreed with the Corporate Leadership Team, SEPA Board and the Scottish Government.
  • Leading quarterly insights reporting aligned to the Performance Framework for scrutiny by CLT, Board and the Scottish Government.
  • Proactively engaging with senior leaders and, when appropriate, board members outside the reporting cycle to ensure they are aware of current consultation, engagement and insights.
  • Ensuring SEPA’s statutory performance reporting requirements are met in relation to public and stakeholder insights.
  • Ensuring SEPA Board, Corporate Leadership Team and Senior Leaders have high quality public and stakeholder perception information available and are informed and engaged on insights and delivery.
  • Ensuring SEPA uses the power of data, insights and intelligence to track and report on public and stakeholder views and perceptions, make informed decisions and to target interventions for improvement.
  • Leading the preparation of SEPA’s consultation responses, working with colleagues across portfolios.
  • Leading the implementation of SEPA’s reputation tracker, using appropriate research methodology and approaches.
  • Leading the implementation and reporting of SEPA’s pulse and wider colleagues’ surveys, using appropriate research methodology and approaches.

Leading the development and embedding of a culture of continuous improvement across the Agency. Including:

  • Maintaining a good corporate understanding of the factors that drive, impact or affect consultation, engagement and insights.
  • Responsibility for all consultation, engagement and insight related policies, procedures and guidance, ensuring they meet statutory requirements, best practice and embed SEPA’s values.
  • Leading the creation of a culture of best practice across portfolios around consultation, engagement and insights and in the capture of data and its use and evaluation.
  • Collaborating with colleagues internally and partners externally to identify and learn from best practice, to support training and professional development that improves consultation, engagement and insights and to take opportunities for shared approaches.
  • Embedding SEPA’s values into consultation, engagement and insights.
  • Providing support, coaching and advice to portfolios on good practice.
  • To support managers and staff across the Agency to ensure that they discharge their duties and obligations, with regards to consultation, engagement, insights and reporting

Acting as the Agency’s expert advisor, on consultation, insight and engagement, to the Board, Audit and Risk Committee and the Corporate Leadership Team

Keeping abreast of developing policy, maintaining professional relationships and scanning the domestic and global consultation, engagement and insights/market research landscapes to ensure that SEPA is best prepared to identify and respond to emerging issues and risks.  This includes building and maintaining strong external networks to benchmark best practice.

Providing strong leadership, including:

  • Leading and managing a team responsible for managing SEPA wide consultation, engagement and insights.
  • Contributing, as a member of the Insight and Engagement Management Team to the overall leadership and management of Governance, Performance & Engagement Portfolio.
  • Leading the development, implementation, embedding and management over the long term of a new and transformative organizational Consultation and Engagement Framework for SEPA.

Working across SEPA portfolios to develop a simple and consistent approach to consultation, engagement and insights, working collaboratively to build consistent intelligence and data. Responsible for the accuracy and consistency of all information and data from the Insights and Engagement team, ensuring effective controls are developed and implemented, in line with research best practice.

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